The molars are the teeth that allow our children to chew their food thoroughly so that it is easier for them to swallow and digest it. Molars have flat surfaces that are deeply grooved to help in the grinding and tearing process. While the design is appropriate to the task the grooves make perfect hiding places for trapped food particles and the fact that they are located so far back in the mouth makes it hard for kids to reach and thoroughly clean their molars.

Pediatric dentists often recommend dental sealants to help reduce the risk of cavities. A dental sealant is a plastic like material that is painted right onto the surface of the molars. Once the compound has saturated the grooves of the molar the dentist will bond it to the tooth with a blue light and the sealant will be in place.

The procedure is a quick and simple one compared to the discomfort and expense involved with having a dental filling. The cavity preventive benefit of a dental sealant has proven it to be an outstanding tool in the field of pediatric dentistry. A dental sealant can be expected to last for at least ten years if appropriate care measures are followed.

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