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Why A Pediatric Dentist?

When children reach a certain age, and definitely when they enter into the adolescent years, they begin to place more of an emphasis on their physical appearance. Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry recognizes that a smile is a big part of first impressions, and teens want their teeth to look as good as possible. When their teeth aren’t as white as they could be, your adolescent may struggle with self-confidence. We can help! Professional teeth whitening is safe and effective for teens and can help make them feel better about themselves and their smile. If you are considering the various methods of tooth whitening Dr. Kaelin will be more than happy to share her expertise.

Prenatal & Infant Care

What Should I Know About Prenatal Dental Care?

Mothers can start their children on the path to good oral health even before they are born. If an expectant mother suffers from a periodontal disease it can cause premature birth or low birth weight, so it is important for her to keep up with regular dental procedures. The bacteria associated with poor oral health can easily be transmitted from parent to child through normal daily interactions. Parents can set an example for good habits by taking care of their own teeth.

When Should I Make The First Appointment?

Pediatric dental offices are designed to put both patient and parent at ease. The first visit can set the tone for a patient-doctor relationship that can last for years to come. Dental pediatric authorities recommend that children see a pediatric dentist as soon as the first tooth appears. This usually happens between the ages of 6-8 months.

Tips For Teens

  • Always brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste for two minutes
  • Floss between your teeth daily
  • Avoid sugary and starchy snacks
  • Wear a mouthguard when you’re active
  • Don’t smoke or chew tobacco
  • Don’t pierce your lips or any part of your mouth
  • See your dentist at least twice a year

* Visit http://www.mouthhealthy.org/en/Teens/ for healthy habits and nutrition tips for teens.

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