Parker Fillings With No Drilling

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Dr. Kaelin is happy to be able to offer the Icon no-drill treatment method to her patients.  The treatment is extremely successful for cases of tooth decay that have not progressed past the early stages.

The procedure consists of three easy steps and can be done in one visit to the office.  The surface of the affected tooth will be pre-treated with a specific gel, then dried.  The Icon formula will penetrate the cavity, seal it off and preserve the tooth without ever having to use a drill.  When drilling is eliminated so is the risk for damage being done to the healthy part of the tooth, making it stronger and better able to resist infection.

The Icon prescription is also recommended to eradicate the white spots that are so often left behind when a child’s braces are removed.  The treatment is pain free and can be completed in approximately thirty minutes with instantaneous results. The importance of the fact that Icon does away with the dental drill cannot be overestimated.  Both children and parents alike will now be able to look forward to a dental appointment free of the sound of the dental drill.

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