The goal of every pediatric dentist is to establish a practice that will appeal to both children and parents alike. He will go all out in his efforts to provide a comfortable dental home that his patients will actually look forward to coming to for regular visits. At the same time he will do his best to put the minds of the parents at ease in the knowledge that their children are in capable hands.

The first impression is the one that will tend to stick with us. When a parent brings their child into a dental office for the first time that parent is hoping for a good experience. When the child sees that everything in the office is custom made to his own size and that there are t.v.’s and video games plus hands on play stations, he is more likely to feel comfortable in the environment.

Many pediatric dentists pattern their office decor from a kid friendly theme. A favorite cartoon show or movie is a prime example, but whatever it is the concept will take the interests of the patients to heart. The ambiance of the outer office may extend into the treatment rooms with a dental chair that is designed to represent a spaceship or a racing car, for instance.

A pediatric dentist will choose staffers who can work well with the clientele. Scheduling is important to a family with a busy school and work agenda. The office personnel at Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry in Parker will do their very best to accommodate when you call 303-805-8266 for your appointment.