The central theme is geared to draw the attention of the children and give them something to do while waiting to see the dentist. Parents also benefit from the distraction by knowing that their child is able to entertain himself while mommy or daddy see to the paperwork and talk to the office staff.

The dental chair is the first thing that the children notice when they enter the dentist’s inner office. Pediatric dental chairs can differ from the ordinary. They may be made to look like a car or a train, even a bed, complete with pillow and blanket for those patients who tend to be more anxious during the visit. The dentist and hygienist will try to involve their patient during the exam by explaining just what every dental instrument is for and how it works. Children also enjoy the part where they get to help count their own teeth.

Pediatric dentists and their associates realize that parents have chosen them because they want the best dental care for their children. Everyone involved in that care is dedicated to fulfilling the goal at every level of treatment and consideration for the patients.

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