Most kids will find some sport that they truly enjoy and may even excel at during the middle and high school years. This is often encouraged as an extracurricular activity. Organized sports can help promote a sense of camaraderie among teammates and an understanding of the discipline it takes to be able to compete at the highest level of one’s ability.

A contact sport however, or almost any kind of sport for that matter, comes with a significant risk for injury with the mouth being a most vulnerable target. Colliding with another player on the football field is the kind of physical contact that most people think of as a cause for injury when the fact is that the equipment used in some sports is just as dangerous as any competitor. A baseball bat or a high diving board are prime examples.

Luckily there are steps that parents and coaches can take in an effort to lower the odds of getting a tooth chipped or knocked out, or experiencing some other kind of sports related trauma. One of the best preventives against injury is the mouth guard.

The American Dental Association recommends that every child be fitted with some form of mouth guard before he is allowed to participate in a sporting event. Many athletic programs across the country have taken this recommendation to heart.

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