It’s back to school time over the nation and that means that a lot of parents will be packing lunches again. The trick is to put together a healthy lunch with foods that the kids will actually want to eat. Pediatric dentists have offered some tips.

Pre-packaged fruit cups are really convenient but most contain added sugar that can increase the odds of getting a cavity. Dentists suggest natural berries, grapes or a slice of melon instead.

Don’t forget the dairy! String cheese or white milk are great sources of calcium and vitamin D which are essential tools for building strong, healthy teeth. If flavoring is added to the milk the sugar content goes up and so does the risk for cavities.

Starchy snacks can be just as harmful as the sugary ones. Sweet tasting carrot sticks or a handful of nuts make good substitutes for potato chips or pretzels.

For the sweet tooth in the family dentists and hygienists may suggest trying a few savory real orange slices instead of a piece of candy that will stick to your child’s teeth all day long.

Soda, even in diet form, is a no-no on every dentist’s list. Water or milk are much healthier choices.

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