It’s never too early to start. That phrase can refer to any number of subjects, including pediatric dentistry. Pediatric dentists look upon their practice as a “dental home” where patients and their parents can feel comfortable in the surroundings and secure in the the feeling that they have chosen the right path toward good oral health.

Plaque doesn’t wait for permanent teeth. Brushing and flossing are necessary to control the buildup of cavity causing plaque on baby teeth as well. Hygienists can advise parents on ways to encourage their children to want to brush. Siblings love to compete so making a game out of brushing and flossing might be one way to encourage the activity, but make sure the kids don’t switch brushes as this could lead to the spread of bacteria from one mouth to another.

There’s more than one reason to start making visits to the dentist at an early age. If children get used to the sights and sounds of the dentist’s office when they are little there will no reason for them to be afraid when it’s time to start regular check-ups and cleanings. Easing into the process one step at a time is usually a good strategy.

Your own attitude will figure into the way your child perceives his dentist. If you seem to be nervous or anxious about the encounter your child will pick up on it. Remember, he has no reason to fear the dentist unless you give him one.

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