Losing his baby teeth is one among many changes that your child will undergo as he grows and matures.  It is a natural process that occurs over a time span between the ages of six and twelve years.  What actually happens is that as a permanent tooth progresses the root of the baby tooth begins to waste away.  Once the permanent tooth is ready to erupt the baby tooth will simply fall out to make room.  That’s the ideal scenario but as all parents know things don’t always go according to plan.

If for some reason the eruption of the permanent tooth is compromised   and it can’t come in directly under the baby tooth it may take another direction and end up right behind the baby tooth instead.  It may be for instance, that the root of the baby tooth is still intact.  If the permanent tooth is just beginning to erupt then your pediatric dentist will remove the baby tooth that is in the way in order to allow the permanent one to move into its space.

This is just one example of how important it is that children have regular dental checkups at least every six months.  If an issue does arise it is always best if it can be treated at the earliest stage.

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