Undetected decay can advance to the stage where even root canal therapy cannot save the tooth. Wearing braces can sometimes cause overcrowding, even to the point of having to remove some teeth to allow the others to re-position properly. Injury can also result in having to have a tooth extracted. Whatever the case may be, parents will need to know how to get their child ready for the procedure and what to do to make his recovery time quicker and more comfortable.

Pediatric dentists recommend that parents be upfront about what’s going to happen when their child must have a tooth pulled. It is more than likely that an infected tooth will have been causing your child discomfort for sometime. If so you can assure him that once the tooth is gone that pain will go away as well.

If it is a simple extraction no surgery will be involved and a local anesthetic is all that will be needed. Most pediatric dentists welcome parents to be present during the procedure for encouragement and to put the child’s mind at ease.

After the procedure you will take your child home to rest and recover – no school that day! Some bleeding is to be expected and can be treated with soft sterile gauze pads. An appropriate over the counter medication should take care of any residual soreness.

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