We as parents know how important it is to get our kids started out on the road to a lifetime of good oral health. The problem is, however, that sometimes our kids don’t share our enthusiasm for brushing and flossing every day without fail. The hygienist who works alongside your pediatric dentist may be able to sway your child over to your way of thinking when it comes to their home routine. She knows from experience what works and what doesn’t.

The first step is to get their attention. Kids like to play games and there’s nothing wrong with a little sibling competition. Make up a weekly chart and let each of your children post his own gold star every day that he brushes and flosses according to plan. At the end of the week, the winner is awarded his or her prize.

Two minutes may not seem like a long time to us but for a six-year-old who’s had an active day and is ready for bed, it can be. It’s pretty hard for him to stand in front of the bathroom mirror and brush his teeth for a full two minutes when all he really wants to do is go to sleep. The time will go a lot faster if he’s listening to a favorite 2-minute long story or singing the birthday song through twice.

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