You may not consider putting chewing gum on a list of things that are good for your children’s teeth but some actually are beneficial to their oral health. The chewing process itself promotes the flow of saliva and the consistency of the gum can expel any food particles that may have been caught between the teeth.

Of course we’re not talking about the sugar coated balls of bubble gum that come out of one of those penny machines that you see in the lobbies of some super stores. Any sugarless chewing gum however, can help prevent cavities and the ones that contain Xylitol are even more effective. Xylitol is the sugar substitute that is commonly used in sugar free chewing gum. Since it is a natural sweetener Xylitol does not attract the bacteria that is so prone to mix with sugar and lead to tooth decay.

Manufacturers who include the sugarless variety of chewing gum in their production are continuing to work on improving the content. Some have incorporated an additive known as Recaldent, which is believed to promote the strength and stability of the tooth enamel that protects the inner layers of the teeth from being exposed to infectious bacteria. Parents can check package labels for content of these products.

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