Most parents have become aware of the importance of taking their child to see a pediatric dentist at the early age of one year and following up with regularly scheduled six month appointments. The first visits are basically meant to get the child used to the surroundings, meet and greet the dentist and his staff and provide parents with the information necessary to make sure their child is getting the best possible home care.

Plaque is the nasty bacterial coating that thrives on the sugar and starches in some of the foods that we eat. Children are not immune to the threat that plaque presents for tooth decay. Parents have reasonable control over their child’s diet up until school age when they are out of the home for most of the day and begin to have playdates with other children who may influence the choices that they make. All we can do is to continue to provide the benefits of a nutritional diet in our homes and hope that our children follow the habits that we have tried to instill.

Children need teeth cleanings just as adults do so that any plaque that has remained on the teeth after brushing can be removed before it can harden into tartar. Your pediatric hygienist will floss between the child’s teeth, clean and polish them and apply a fluoride treatment for extra protection from plaque buildup.

Your hygienist will also take the time to demonstrate the proper way to floss and brush and may make recommendations for certain over the counter products that can help make taking care of his teeth something your child will actually look forward to doing. An electric toothbrush, for instance, made with children in mind can have all the bells and whistles to impress your child and encourage him to brush.

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