Dental sealants, what’s next? If it’s time to visit the local friendly dentist, then let’s be informed. Our youth are the future and we have great confidence in their ability to comprehend the importance of their dental health. Part of easing the anxiety, if any, is knowing what to expect during a visit. Be sure to express the importance of dental sealants to the young client. The application of sealants are pain free, less time consuming, and less expensive than fillings. Consider it a superhero shielding or forcefield for teeth.
Dental sealants are a great preventative measure taken to protect the molars from early tooth decay and cavities. The ideal time to take action is when the child is between the ages of 6 to 12. Although dental sealants are useful for adults and children, it is best to start early. Preventative health care is crucial we can’t exclude dental health! Applying the sealant is a fairly simple process it involves first preparing the prospective tooth or teeth by cleansing and allowing them to dry. Then, a gel is applied to the area; this prepares the surface so that the sealant works adhesively or “seals”. Moments after the gel is applied, the tooth is rinsed again and the gel is removed. The sealant is applied to the natural contours of the tooth or teeth. Finally, a blue light is applied to the sealant to solidify it. Other than the occasional allergic reaction to the sealants, there are no known side effects.The sealants are clear and comprised of plastic. However, they contain a minuscule amount of BPA, an amount you can inhale from the everyday environment.
Dental sealants can endure many years of use before there is a need to replace them. It’s great to know there are preventative measures that can be taken to avoid more costly and somewhat uncomfortable visits to the dentists. Seal the deal with a healthy relationship between a happy child and happy teeth. Keeping the youth informed of how imperative it is to maintain great dental health, will stay with them for a life time if you start early. Stressing the importance of maintaining great dental health is also an awesome generational gift that keeps giving.Having a great smile is important and it helps to build greater confidence. So, go ahead and make your days brighter with smiles thought out the rest of your days. Knowing you’ve made a great decision. Seal the deal with dental sealants!