If your child has had the advantage of being part of a pediatric dental home starting at an early age he or she has never experienced dental anxiety, they probably think of going to the dentist as a part of life’s routine. Not all kids are as lucky as your own, however, and all it takes is one bad story from a playmate to plant that seed of doubt. If he suddenly balks at going to the dentist it may be that your child is being influenced by a friend or relative. He may even have overheard an adult conversation about an invasive dental procedure.

Pediatric dentists are experienced in dealing with all sorts of childhood anxiety. It may be time for an “extra” visit to the dentist’s office just so your child can be reminded of what a friendly place it can be. Your dentist will alert the staff so that everyone will be ready to greet you and your child by name and let him know that they’ve missed him since the last appointment and are happy to see him again. Once your child realizes that his fears were unfounded things can be back to normal well before his next scheduled appointment.

Parents can present a good example by taking proper care of their own teeth and providing healthy snack foods at home. Ask Dr. Kaelin of Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry for more information about steps for prevention. Call 303-835-9330 in Parker, CO.