Dr. Kathy Kaelin of Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry likes to stress the importance of wearing a protective mouthguard to patients and parents of children who participate in sports activities. Whether it be through supervised school athletic programs or a community sponsored team activity, the risk of injury is always present.

Over the counter mouthguards are available in most sporting goods stores, but they only come in general sizes so can feel bulky and make it difficult for the wearer to speak clearly. A “boil and bite” mouthguard can be made to conform to an impression of the wearer’s natural teeth which is a step up but still leaves a lot to be desired.

A custom made mouthguard is the best choice by far. Dr. Kaelin uses the technology of the Druformat Scan thermoforming machine to help create a precision fitting mouthguard for her patients that lives up to the quality performance of some of the models used by professionals athletes.

Baseball and softball seasons are upon us and although they are not typically perceived as contact sports the risk of injury is still a concern. If a player is hit in the mouth with an errant ball or bat there can be significant damage done. A serious injury will more than likely require an expensive restorative procedure. The protection that a custom made sports mouthguard can provide is well worth the time and minimal expense.

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