We all know how important it is for expectant mothers to eat a healthy diet during their pregnancy but did you realize that your baby’s teeth are developing even before he is born? A diet rich in calcium and vitamin C is essential in order for the teeth to mature properly.

Baby teeth will begin to break through the gum tissue sometime between six months and one year of age. Studies have shown that girls appear to get their baby teeth earlier than boys but all twenty primary teeth should be in place by your child’s third birthday. Professionals recommend however, that children begin seeing a pediatric dentist as soon as the first tooth appears. It’s important to monitor the continued growth and development of the teeth so that if a problem does arise it can be treated at the earliest stage. Pediatric dentists stress the importance of keeping the baby teeth healthy and in position until the permanent teeth are ready to emerge.

As children mature they begin to depend on the security that comes with routine. Part of a plan for maintaining good oral health throughout childhood and into adolescence is following a home regimen that includes brushing twice a day and learning how to floss. Ask your dental hygienist for suggestions and product recommendations.

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