The dental health of their child is a parent’s concern from the time the first tooth erupts. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry as well as your own personal dentist will tell you that early preventive care is the best way to see to it that your child has fewer cavities and enjoys all the benefits that healthy teeth and gums can give them. Fluoride can be your best friend in this effort if it is used wisely.

Fluoride is a proven factor in the fight against tooth decay, so much so that professionals have come to concur that it should be introduced to a regimen of childhood oral health as soon as the first baby tooth appears. Use it sparingly at first, just a little dab on a soft bristle toothbrush twice a day will be sufficient.

Professional pediatric dental care should also begin early. Finding the right pediatric dentist for your child by the time of his first birthday will put him on track to a lifetime of good oral health. If you are fortunate enough to have family and friends to help in the search all the better, but if that is not the case you can go to the AAPD website to find an appropriate dentist in your area.

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