Dental anxiety is a reality for many adults, but it can also affect children. In fact, at least one study has indicated that some 20% of school children are timid about going to the dentist. This challenge is best met by a pediatric dental professional who is skilled in dealing with the particular concerns of their patients.

Most of us find it easier to cope with any situation if we know in advance what to expect. Pediatric dentists have found this to be true with children as well. When a child comes in for an appointment the dentist or hygienist will explain in words that are age-appropriate just what’s going to happen before he begins the procedure. “Show and tell” also works well and parents are often encouraged to take part in the demonstration.

Pediatric dentists cater to the interests of their patients even when it comes to the decor of the office. Distraction is a successful way to relieve the anxiety that may come while waiting to see the dentist. Video games and hands-on activities make for a kid-friendly environment.

Bravery should be rewarded. Many pediatric dental offices provide a “treasure chest” full of toys and surprises that the children can open and choose from after their dental checkup. The promise of this adventure can provide incentives for the hesitant child.

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