Electrolytes energize the human body. Exercising or taking part in an active sporting event can lower our level of the chemical elements that keep our bodies moving. When the body loses fluids through the perspiration that strenuous physical activity brings on it also loses electrolytes. Drinking plenty of water while exerting ourselves should be an adequate source of replacement but the popularity of “sports” and “energy” drinks has given the younger generation a whole new perspective.

Even though sports drinks do replace some of the important elements that are lost when the body expels water they also contain high amounts of the sugar that contributes to childhood obesity and tooth decay. Pediatric dental professionals agree that the dangers outweigh the advantages and that water is still the best – and safest – way to replenish bodily fluids for children participating in athletics.

Energy drinks have actually been deemed by the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry as having no nutritional value. The APD has determined that the main claim to fame of energy drinks is that they stimulate our bodies to enhance our physical durability. The levels of caffeine in these drinks can be harmful to the continuing development of healthy teeth and gums in children and adolescents.

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