Professionals agree that fluoride is an excellent defense against  tooth decay in children.  Parents however, continue to have questions about how and when to use it.  A fluoridated water supply is typically found in modern home communities today.  Some parents are hesitant about using the water to mix baby formula because they think that the fluoride content may be too strong.  It is true that an excess of fluoride may cause the condition known as fluorosis in teeth that are still developing.  Fluorosis causes discoloration of the teeth and sometimes roughens a tooth’s surface.

The American Dental Association contends that the risk of fluorosis from a fluoridated water supply is minimal, but parents who are concerned might consult with their own pediatric dentist to put their mind at ease.  Breast feeding, pre-mixed formula, or bottled water are all good alternatives to using fluoridated water.

On a completely different level for concern is the lack of fluoride in the family water supply.  Children who are at high risk for tooth decay and not drinking fluoridated water should definitely be taking some form of fluoride supplement in order to be on the safe side.  Your pediatric dentist may recommend tablets or using bottled water that contains an adequate amount of fluoride.

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