Teaching by example is often the best way to get through to children. Good oral health habits, for instance, are often passed down from parents and older siblings to the younger family members. When young children see someone that they admire brushing their teeth and flossing as part of a daily habit they will want to follow suit.

Children are known to have a short attention span so parents may want to sweeten the pot a little with props and incentives that will make the kids want to stick to a regimen for good oral health. There are kinds of toothpaste that come in flavors like root beer or bubble gum and electric toothbrushes with all the bells and whistles to hold a child’s interest. One thing – always make sure the toothpaste that you choose is fluoridated. Fluoride can be found in most community drinking water supplies as well. Children who are at high risk for cavities can have the extra protection that an in-office fluoride treatment can provide.

Kids like to follow a routine. Set aside specific times for brushing and flossing, just before leaving for school and at bedtime for example. It’s important to brush for a full two minutes so don’t rush the process. Set a timer or play an appropriate tune to make the time pass quicker.

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