The incidence of childhood tooth decay and obesity in the US is extremely high and we can place the blame in part, on the fact that so many of the pre-packaged snack food and drinks that our kids consume are chock full of the sugar and fats that contribute to these statistics.

Other then than the fact that these sugary treats appeal to young taste buds they are also presented in a kid-friendly manner with advertising labels featuring sports figures or animated characters. And let’s face it, that wrapped and ready to go feature can make lunch bags much easier for mom or dad to put together. If parents and kids can work together, however, we might be able to compromise and come up with healthier substitutes for those processed snacks that promote cavities and contribute to other childhood diseases.

Chicken nuggets for instance. They’re a staple of every drive-thru in town, right? The problem is that these favorites are deep-fried in fatty oils and are highly salted. But the chicken that you bake at home can be a great alternative to the fast-food version and the flavor will still be there.

The yogurt that is marketed toward children is different than the adult version in that it contains sugar and artificial food coloring for added flavor and to make it more attractive to the kids. Plain yogurt can be made more appealing to kids just by adding fruit or a crunchy granola topping.

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