Dental professionals advise that children be supervised when brushing and flossing their teeth up until they are seven or eight years old. This is to make sure that they learn the proper methods that will give them full advantage of regular home care. The same theory holds true when it comes to food choices.

If given free rein, most kids will choose foods and drinks that taste good over those that may be better for their teeth. Parents will have the final say about what goes on the family pantry shelves or in the fridge, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to find healthy choices that will appeal to the kids as well?

We have more control over what our kids eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner since the majority of those meals are prepared at home, but snack times are a different story. Middle and high school age children in particular have easy access to vending machines at school or candy stores and food courts in the mall. The temptation of these conveniences is hard to resist especially when everyone else is enjoying them. The best parents can hope for in these situations is that their kids will remember the good examples that have been set in the home environment.

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