As your kids get older it gets harder to keep track of what they eat and drink over the course of a day. School lunches may not always provide the foods and drinks that you would prefer they have and there’s no opportunity to brush afterward. The best way of seeing to it that your children eat a healthy lunch is to pack it yourself and even then you can’t be sure that they won’t trade it off for something more appealing. So, how do you take away the temptation?

Healthy foods don’t have to be tasteless. A lot of fresh fruits are naturally sweet and a crunchy piece of celery can become a real treat just by adding a dab of yogurt.

Sodas and sugary fruit drinks are the enemies of your child’s tooth enamel. Bacterial plaque comes from the sugar and acids in the foods and drinks that we consume and the more plaque that forms the higher the risk for deterioration of the outer layer of enamel that protects the inner tooth from decay. Your child’s tooth enamel is still developing so it is naturally more susceptible than your own, encourage him to drink fluoridated water whenever possible.

Make food more fun. If you can come up with healthy foods that look and taste as good or better than the unhealthy ones you will be one step further ahead in the race against childhood tooth decay.

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