Children are not simply smaller versions of adults, they have specific needs particularly when it comes to their physical and dental well being. Diet is a major consideration. As adults we have learned that eating a balanced diet is important for general good health. We are also better able to control our urges and limit our intake of the sugar and starches that can lead to obesity and raise our chances for any number of debilitating conditions such as gum disease.

It’s one thing to try to reason with your children about saying no to foods and drinks that are known to promote tooth decay but it’s another to believe that they will always use good judgement. The best you can do is keep healthy snacks on hand at home, set a good example and hope that they will follow suit.

You don’t want to deprive your child of enjoying a sweet treat every now and then. The trick is to limit sweets without making them seem like a reward. Fruit makes a tasty after dinner dessert, add a little bit of whipped cream and your kids will think so too. There are many teeth healthy dessert ideas that parents can find on various internet websites.

Most soda is high in sugar content which may contribute to childhood obesity and tooth decay. Switching to diet drinks eliminates the sugar but the risk for tooth erosion from the acidity is still there. Swap that soda out for water whenever possible.

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