You take your kids to the dentist for their six month checkups, you see to it that they brush their teeth twice a day, and you do your best to offer healthy alternatives to snacks that are loaded with sugar and starch. What are you missing?

It’s not so much what you do, but how you do it. Children under the age of eight can’t be expected to have the motor skills that are necessary to brush their teeth properly on their own. Parents can’t just tell these kids to “be sure to brush before you go to bed,” they have to actually be present during the brushing to make sure the job gets done.

What kind of brush should you buy? It seems to be the general consensus among dental professionals that an electric toothbrush is beneficial, especially for the older and younger members of the family.
An electric toothbrush is easier to maneuver than a manual one and some of them make the brushing more fun. You can find brushes that simulate a favorite “superhero,” and some turn off automatically after 2 minutes so that your child doesn’t have to count to 120 in his head.

Never make the mistake of thinking that the baby teeth don’t count. They are there to keep the space until the permanent teeth are ready to take over. It is important to make every effort to keep them in place until they fall out on their own accord.

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