A pediatric dental hygienist can be more than just that, she is often one of your child’s best friends – whether he knows it or not. Continued good physical and dental health allows children the freedom to eat and drink the nutrients that they need to develop through to adolescence. Without strong teeth and the bone structure to support them simple skills like talking and chewing would be impaired. The only way to maintain a healthy mouth is to take care of our teeth and gums starting at an early age.

Younger children need a lot of supervision when it comes to the care of their teeth and gums. Your dental hygienist can help you select the products that are age-appropriate and will appeal to your child. After all, a toothbrush won’t be of much help if your child won’t use it. The bristles should be soft so as not to irritate the gum tissue and make brushing uncomfortable.

Fluoride is a proven factor for the prevention of tooth decay but it is not meant to be swallowed. A pediatric hygienist will advise parents to hold off on buying a fluoridated toothpaste until their child has mastered the concept of “spit and rinse.” Your hygienist may be the best one to demonstrate to your child how to brush and floss correctly – yes, flossing is as important to your child’s oral health as it is to your own!

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