Up until the last few years there has been no acknowledged treatment for early stage cavities. A pediatric dentist who discovered a tiny cavity through x-ray evaluation had no real choice but to wait until the cavity progressed to the point that a traditional filling was necessary. But research was being conducted both in the U.S. and overseas and a new product was finally ready for use by U.S. dentists in 2009. Icon was introduced to the industry.

The fact that the studies were conducted in populations where children experienced a high rate of cavities made the results even more optimistic for children who visit a dentist regularly and whose parents encourage good habits for oral health at home.

Icon treatments are a bit different for a between the teeth cavity than for one found on the surface of the tooth, but both systems have an excellent rate of success. The therapy is done in three simple steps. The dentist starts by applying a pre-treated gel type material onto the tooth after which she will administer the Icon resin and dry it using the special Icon method. The process is painless and will prevent the patient from having to undergo the drill and injections that are necessary to restore a full blown cavity.

Dr. Kathryn Kaelin heads up the Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry practice in Parker, CO. She uses the best in technology for the treatment of her patients including the Icon infiltration system. You can reach Kaelin Pediatric @ 303-805-8266.