With the competitive spirit for both athletic and academic college scholarships as high as it is today we don’t want our kids to miss a day of school if it can be helped. Statistics show that childhood tooth decay is a leading cause of absence in the classroom and the fact that the disease is so preventable has professionals baffled by the data.

Fluoride may be the most important weapon in the fight for the prevention of cavities. If a cavity is diagnosed in the earliest stage of development fluoride can actually reverse the effects before serious damage is done. Fluoride works to strengthen the tooth enamel and make it more resistant to cavity causing acids. Community drinking water sources are commonly treated with fluoride and there are a variety of oral care products that contain fluoride for the prevention of tooth decay.

Tooth decay is closely related to other health issues, some which are considered life altering. If a child is suffering the pain that a cavity can bring he won’t be able to eat the nutritional foods that he needs to maintain his overall health. He may also find it hard to communicate in the classroom or be comfortable in social situations.

Without regular pediatric dental care children are at high risk for the invasion of tooth decay. Education is an essential key in prevention and organizations such as the PTA can be an effective promoter of the information that parents need to realize the importance of proper oral health care.

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