Every phase of childhood comes with its own specific challenges and risks. Studies have shown, however, that playground or sports field injuries, and falls are the most common causes of mouth injuries in particular. Risks of falling increase if the child has something in his mouth at the time.

When a primary tooth has been injured or knocked out any professional treatment will focus on the concern for the permanent tooth that will take its place, with an exception. If the tooth is hanging by a thread so to speak, a pediatric dentist may recommend that it be removed to avoid any risk that it may come out and that the child may swallow or inhale it during sleep.

If the injury involves a cut to the tongue or gum tissue it should be evaluated to determine if stitches are necessary. Minor injuries to the mouth may bleed profusely which can be scary for both parent and child. Pediatric dentists advise that everyone stay as calm as possible and apply pressure and a clean cloth to the injured area. Follow up measures should include normal brushing and flossing. If the mouth is tender a soft food diet may be suggested.

Pediatric dentists recommend that parents stress to their children the importance of keeping foreign objects – anything other than food or drink – out of their mouths in an effort to prevent injury.

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