Pediatric dentistry is dedicated to cavity prevention. A big step in the goal is to get the children and their parents actively involved in a plan of attack on cavities. Tooth enamel is the strongest element in the human body and it is meant to last a lifetime. In spite of the durability factor however, tooth enamel is not indestructible. If it is damaged it can’t reinvent itself so it is essential that our children understand how important it is to preserve the enamel that protects their teeth.

A pediatric dental hygienist knows how to talk to her patients on their level and teach them how to brush and floss properly. If there are siblings involved she may make it a game with each child keeping a chart that shows how many times a day they brush and when they floss. The one who does the better job gets a gold star at their next appointment!

Diet is where the parents come in. It’s important to give the kids a healthy choice alternative to sugar. If there is a supply of fresh fruits and veggies cut up and stored in baggies that are ready to grab and go the kids will be more likely to choose them. Keeping bottles of cold water on hand instead of soda is another step in the right direction.

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