Baby teeth are not immune to plaque buildup. When your child visits his pediatric dentist the hygienist will begin the appointment by scraping off any plaque that has hardened into tartar which is not able to be removed by home brushing. Plaque and tartar can lead to tooth decay and early loss of the primary teeth. Even though they will eventually fall out, baby teeth are essential to the proper alignment of the permanent teeth as they erupt.

Your dental hygienist will welcome your presence during the teeth cleaning procedure. In fact, this presents the perfect time to ask any questions that you may have for the hygienist and for her to inquire about your child’s dietary habits and home dental care routine. Don’t miss the opportunity to get recommendations about dental products and if your child is having trouble learning how to brush, your hygienist will be happy to take the time to give him some tips on proper brushing skills.

Your child’s tooth enamel is weaker than your own, leaving it more vulnerable to stains. Most kids enjoy grape juice and energy drinks but they are infamous for leaving their mark on tooth enamel. If consumption of these and other staining agents such as raisins or dark berries is limited, your child will spend less time in the hygienist’s chair.

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