Any new experience can be a little scary for a young child. Then, when you add in the fact that going to the dentist has always had a bit of a bad rep, parents may have their hands full convincing their child that an upcoming dental appointment is going to be okay. Pediatric dentists have some suggestions.

Practice. If your child knows what to expect he won’t be as anxious about what’s going to happen at the visit. Start by setting the scene. Your recliner can act as the dental chair and you can demonstrate how the dentist and hygienist will count your child’s teeth one by one then use a mirror to see how white they are. Let your child take over the role of dentist and his favorite stuffed toy can be the patient. If you need a little more inspiration there are books specifically written so that children can understand what “a visit to the dentist” is all about.

When you get to the office. If your dentist is a pediatric specialist you can expect a lot of help here – most of them have designed an environment that kids can relate to featuring video games and hands on projects that they’re going to want to jump right in and take part in. These are great diversions that keep the kids busy until it’s time to see the dentist.

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