School’s out for the summer and with it some restrictions may be lifted. The kids aren’t on such a tight timeline and can stay up later and sleep in longer. The longer daylight hours allow more time for outdoor activities and spending time with friends and neighbors. We want our children to enjoy their summer vacation, but the one thing that we don’t want to ignore is the importance of their oral health.

Keep them focused on brushing twice a day. Stick with the normal routine that worked well during the school months, once at bedtime and again after breakfast for instance. Since there is more time in the mornings this might be a good opportunity to encourage the kids to add flossing to their regimen. The process has been made easier with the introduction of coated floss available in a variety of flavors.

Ice cream cones are traditionally associated with summer and are actually a much healthier choice than some other treats. Candy bars and sweet sodas are more likely to stick to the teeth while ice cream is easily washed away with a quick swish of water.

Don’t forget to schedule that summer visit with your pediatric dentist. If there’s need for cleaning or a fluoride treatment now is the time to have it done. Get a head start for a good back to school checkup.

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