There are so many reasons to wean your kids away from soda that it’s hard to know where to start. As far as his teeth are concerned however, it’s the sugar content and the acidity that are the main culprits.

It’s important to take good care of our tooth enamel. It is there to protect our teeth from the bacteria that causes tooth decay, and once the enamel is gone it’s gone for good, it cannot regenerate. When the sugar from the foods and drinks that your child consumes meets up with the harmful bacteria in his mouth the result is the acid that eats away at his tooth enamel.

Saliva is nature’s way of cleaning our teeth and rinsing away cavity causing bacteria. Teeth are more vulnerable when the flow of saliva is at its lowest point. The need for more saliva makes us thirsty but if your child quenches that thirst with a sugary soft drink the acid will be even more apt to cause damage.

It’s probably not realistic to think that your child will never indulge but parents can try to limit the times when soda is allowed without making it seem like a reward or a special treat. When you do say ok encourage your child to drink his soda through a straw to avoid so much direct contact with his teeth.

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