Before you can protect your child’s oral health you have to know its biggest enemy and that would be the acid that eats away at the tooth enamel that guards against tooth decay. The deterioration can begin the moment a citrus fruit drink or a carbonated beverage hits the enamel, or it can be generated when the starch or sugar from a piece of candy or a french fry combines with certain destructive bacteria. You can’t avoid the bacteria that is ever-present in your child’s mouth but you can restrict the foods that it thrives on.

Children delight in sugary treats and parents should feel free to let them indulge, but with some stipulations. If your child asks for a candy bar at the checkout counter for instance, it’s ok to say yes once in while but help them choose wisely. Avoid caramel or other sticky substances that are apt to get stuck between the teeth and when your child drinks a soda or a glass of juice make sure he uses a straw. The concept is that the longer the teeth are exposed to the sweetness or acidity the more harm done.

Limit the bad and encourage the good. Fluoridated tap water is the healthiest beverage choice. Bottled water is ok too, but check the label for fluoride content. Substitute water for cola at every opportunity.

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