The “sippy cup” may well be one of the best mother’s little helpers that was ever invented. It’s good for helping your baby ease away from his bottle but the convenience factor is by far the biggest benefit that the sippy cup provides. Just fill it and forget it, right? Not so fast! Pediatric dentists warn against overusing the sippy cup, especially if it’s full of sweet baby formula or acidic juice.

One of the advantages of the sippy cup can also be a drawback. The fact that it is spill proof makes it easy for children to manipulate their sippy cups on their own. With such ease and convenience at hand parents may forget that sucking on a sugary liquid all day can promote tooth decay.

The force from sucking on the plastic spout of a sippy cup can eventually influence the shape of the bite. In addition, toddlers can be pretty unsteady on their feet and falling with a sippy cup in their mouth can cause serious injury.

The first visit with your pediatric dentist will consist mainly of instructions and recommendations for home and professional preventive care. Caution about the use and misuse of the sippy cup will most likely be addressed. Your dentist will advise that you limit the usage and and stick to water except at mealtimes. The sippy cup can be a beneficial convenience if used in the right way.

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