There is no nutritional value to sugar.  It’s only claim to fame is that it provides the calories that we use to energize our bodies.  Some foods contain natural sugars such as the fructose that is found in fruits but “added sugar” is just that, it is added to the product by the manufacturer. The sugar bowl on your dinner table is another source for extra sugar.

If there are no real nutrients in sugar why is it so often added to the foods and drinks that we consume?  Aside from the fact that sugar makes everything taste better it prevents spoilage in some foods and helps in the fermentation process of others.

Unfortunately, some of the best sources of added sugar are the same foods and drinks that our children like the most – cookies, candy and soft drinks are all laden with the sugar that so often leads to tooth decay.  Parents can’t conceivably keep all sugary products away from their children but they can try to restrict them.  One way to do this is to READ THE LABEL!

Food and drink labels contain information about the calorie content and the ingredients that have gone into the manufacture of the product.   Soon the labels will also include the daily nutrient value of the product as well as the grams of added sugar that they contain.

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