Digital technology has improved the way pediatric dentists take x-rays of patients teeth and gums.  The sensors that have replaced traditional film have advanced the process to make it more efficient and to produce clearer images for dentists to refer to.  This means quicker diagnosis and earlier treatment for the patients.  X-ray films for example were only able to depict a cavity as a somewhat vague shadow on the picture.  High tech sensors can provide a clear-cut diagram of the infection.

Because the new technology has reduced the time it takes to have an x-ray in hand from minutes to seconds, pediatric dentists and hygienists can devote more of the appointment to discussing preventive methods and recommending any new products that they might think could contribute to a successful regimen of home oral health.

A pediatric hygienist is typically the associate in charge of cleanings and x-rays.  Kids tend to get fidgety after too long a time in the chair, but since digital radiology provides immediate results the hygienist doesn’t have to worry about meeting that small window of opportunity for full cooperation from her patients.  

Safety is another factor.  The dosage of radiation from dental x-rays has always been comparatively minimal but  because any amount of radiation accumulates in the body parents have worried about exposing their kids at too early an age.  Digital technology has reduced any fundamental risk to an even greater extent.

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