Not all children receive early dental care.  In fact, many see a pediatric dentist for the first time only after it is recommended by their pediatrician. The reason could be a lack of pediatric dental care in the community or simply because parents have not been made aware of the importance of preventive dentistry.

Once a child is under the care of a pediatric dentist he and his parents will be introduced to all the preventive methods that they can take to guard against getting cavities and learn ways to preserve their oral health.

Diet for instance, may never have been considered to be much of an issue. Aside from the well known fact that sugar is bad for our teeth a lot of people may not know that the foods that we eat can affect the chances of keeping our natural teeth for a lifetime.

Children need a well-balanced diet to maintain their overall general good health.  Foods and drinks that are enriched with vitamin D and calcium are particularly good for their teeth.  Milk, yogurt and cheese are all good sources.  Frozen yogurt has become a very popular substitute for ice cream and can be served with a fresh fruit topping.  Instead of a sugary cereal help your child pick out a whole grain variety.  Again, fresh fruit can be added as a healthy enhancement.

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