Radiography is an important tool in the fight against pediatric dental disease which is so widespread in our nation today. With the advent of digital x-ray technology the process is safer than ever for our children.

The risk of danger from the radiation that is emitted when a dental x-ray is taken is accumulative, that is it would take years for the exposure to result in cancer. Therefore, the younger the patient is when x-ray treatments are begun the more time there will be for the radiation to concentrate. That is why pediatric dentists are so careful when determining the need for x-rays.

There is no set schedule for when or how often x-rays should be a part of a child’s routine checkup, every case is different. If after his evaluation the dentist feels that the child is highly susceptible for developing cavities he may feel that the benefit of a low dose radiation x-ray outweighs the minimal risk.

Many children won’t require a dental x-ray until the permanent teeth have come in, but if your pediatric dentist foresees a problem in the progress of their development he may suggest an x-ray as the best way to tell just what is going on beneath the gum-line. It is important that the teeth erupt when they should and in proper alignment, in order to prevent future issues.

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