Regular professional care is fundamental for the prevention of childhood cavities, but starting a home regimen for good oral health can be a big factor as well.  Your pediatric dentist can give you a detailed guideline to get you started.  

A checklist might include suggestions for the foods that are known to be high in the vitamins and calcium that contribute to the development of strong and healthy teeth.  Sugar and starchy foods are big contributors to tooth decay so sweets and soft drinks will be at the top of a list of no-nos.

Getting kids into the habit of brushing and flossing at an early age can go a long way in the fight against cavities.  Your pediatric hygienist can teach your child how to brush properly and show him just how to manipulate a length of floss.

Toothpastes come in a variety of flavors that are produced specifically to appeal to children.  Soft-bristle brushes are sized to fit little hands so that brushing will be easier and kids may even start to look forward to doing it.   Dentists recommend brushing twice a day for 2 minutes at a time.  That may seem like a really long time to your child but if you put it to music by playing a favorite tune that just happens to play for exactly 2 minutes it suddenly becomes a great game.

These are just a few approaches that you can take to encourage your child to take good care of his teeth.  Dr. Kaelin and her associates at Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry in Parker will be glad to offer more.  Call the office @ 303-805-8266.