Just as the name connotes dental decalcification means that the teeth are losing calcium. Calcium is an essential part of your child’s nutrition as it helps to build strong bones and teeth. Without a sufficient supply of calcium you can expect to see a higher than normal number of childhood cavities.

Dentists recognize decalcification as an early stage of tooth decay which is caused as we know, by plaque buildup due to poor dental hygiene. Children who wear braces on their teeth may be at higher risk because it is harder to reach through the wires and brackets to get teeth as clean as they need to be.

White spots on the teeth are signs of decalcification and if diagnosed at this stage it can be turned around before any serious damage is done. But, if the condition is allowed to advance it will result in tooth decay. That’s why it is so important that your child see his pediatric dentist on a regular basis.

Even though it is possible to deter any decay, the scarring – the white sports – will remain. Whitening may help to disguise it but prevention is better than any cure. If children learn the importance of proper dental care with early visits to the dentist’s office and by brushing and flossing every day they will have a good head start to a future of good oral health.

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