It’s important to clean your baby’s mouth and gums after every feeding. You can start by using a soft wet cloth to wipe away the traces of leftover baby food or formula. A regular routine for oral health care can begin as soon as the first baby tooth emerges and can be modified as your child grows and his needs change.

One of the milestones that new parents and grandparents look forward to is the arrival of the baby’s first tooth. There are toothbrushes made specifically for the care of these new teeth. They are proportioned to fit little mouths and made with the softest of bristles. Flossing can be added to the routine as soon as more teeth erupt. There are plastic devices on the market today that can make the flossing a lot easier. Ask for recommendations.

As your child develops there will be added concerns. Bottles will replace breastfeeding and sippy cups will help in the transition to drinking glasses. There are precautions that go along with both. Teeth and gums shouldn’t be overexposed to sugary liquids – milk and juice are better left for mealtimes. Pediatric professionals suggest using water only for naps and daylong outings.

If you’re having problems with teething or if you notice any changes that may cause you concern your pediatric dentist is there to help. Call Kaelin Pediatric Dentistry in Parker @ 303-835-9330.