A successful end result often comes from a solid foundation. This is definitely true when it comes to tooth decay and cavity prevention. If parents can instill in their children the importance of taking good care of their teeth starting at an early age the chances of them having fewer cavities increases greatly.

It all starts with the primary, or “baby” teeth. Without proper brushing and regular professional dental care this first set of teeth will be compromised. Studies have shown that if primary teeth are infected, the risk to the permanent teeth intensifies.

Without the primary teeth young children would have trouble performing basic tasks like eating and speaking. Primary teeth are there to pave the way so to speak, for the permanent teeth that are still developing and getting ready to erupt from under the gum tissue. It is important to take care of the primary teeth so that they are kept in place for as long as need be. When one is lost prematurely the permanent tooth underneath will be affected.

Children under the age of twelve may lack the motor skills to brush their teeth properly without parental supervision. Parents should also replace the toothbrush when the bristle begin to wear and monitor the use of toothpaste. Your pediatric dentist can provide detailed information about the best ways to teach children to brush properly and take care of their teeth.

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