Recent studies have shown that the younger set, children between the ages of two and five years, are more at risk for childhood cavities than their older counterparts. Genetics may play a role as does the fact that baby teeth are quite porous, making it easier for cavity causing bacteria to move in. When parents are aware of the risk factors they can be even more careful about the foods and drinks that their children consume.

Tooth enamel is a particularly strong material to begin with and the saliva in our mouths is loaded with the calcium and phosphate that will coat the enamel and help to keep it healthy. Our job is to keep sugar and starchy foods to a minimum to avoid the production of acids that can eat away at our tooth enamel.

Fluoride is an essential weapon in the fight against tooth decay. It has been known to re-mineralize teeth and reverse the effects of early decay in some cases. Some of the most prevalent sources of fluoride are the public drinking water supplies that are available to the majority of the US population. Results of comparison studies show that children who are not exposed to a fluoridated drinking source experience a significantly higher number of cavities. Fluoride toothpastes and supplements are often recommended for children over three years of age who are at high risk.

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