Parents try to instill the value of good oral health habits in their children at an early age, but do they follow suit? The best way to teach is by example yet some parents fall short when it comes to their own dental health. It’s one thing to tell children to brush twice a day but it’s far more effective to teach by example. If a parent practices what he preaches about the care and maintenance of his personal oral health he is sure to come away from his next dental checkup with a clean bill of health. Children are apt to want the same results.

It’s never too early to begin. Expectant mothers can transfer oral bacteria to their babies so every effort should be made to monitor oral health during the pregnancy. Once the baby is born the focus can turn to preventive care. Finding a pediatric dental home is a big first step in establishing a patient/dentist relationship that can continue throughout childhood and into adolescence.

Preventive dentistry is concentrated on deterring the problem before it can develop. The fight against tooth decay is a primary concern among pediatric dentists. Though the incidence has declined overall thanks in large part to the influence of fluoride in the US, tooth decay remains our number one childhood disease. Vigilant home maintenance along with a routine of regular professional care can go a long way to further contain the ramifications of tooth decay.

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