The news that a new member of the family is on the way is a most exciting time for the expectant parents, siblings and grandparents-to-be. Everybody will be focused on making “mommy” comfortable and happy throughout the pregnancy so that they can all welcome a beautiful, healthy baby boy or girl into the world.

The dental health of an expectant mother is an important concern. Her dentist should be made aware of the pregnancy asap so that he can concentrate on the specific issues that relate to prenatal dental care. Periodontal disease is believed by some researchers to be a considerable threat to an unborn baby. Studies have shown that women who suffer from gum disease during their pregnancy may deliver prematurely.

Expectant mothers have been known to suffer from “pregnancy gingivitis,” a condition that may occur when those prenatal hormones kick in. Dentists may suggest more frequent cleanings during the pregnancy. Cutting down on sweets in the diet can also help prevent the gingivitis.

Morning sickness often goes along with pregnancy, but how could it possibly affect a woman’s dental health? The act of vomiting brings the stomach acids up into the mouth. If these acids have enough time they will begin to eat away at tooth enamel. Mothers-to-be who are plagued with morning sickness should remember to rinse thoroughly with a fluoride mouthwash after every episode.

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