Ideally we wait for the permanent teeth to develop and take the place of the primary teeth. This natural process however, is sometimes impeded by tooth decay or accidental injury. When a primary tooth is lost prematurely the teeth around it may begin to move into the empty space that is left behind, which can affect the entire progression. Time for your pediatric dentist to step in and get things back on the right track with the help of a “space maintainer.”

A space maintainer is a device that is put into place to keep the gap between the primary teeth open and waiting to accept the permanent tooth when it is ready to erupt. After some consultation as to your child’s particular needs your dentist will custom make the space maintainer to comply. A space maintainer can be fixed or removable, metal or plastic, whichever your child is most adaptable to. The space maintainer may take a little getting used to, so if it is the removable type you may need to encourage your child to be patient about keeping it in place.

It’s important to monitor the track of the permanent tooth in order that your dentist can remove the maintainer caps at just the right time to make room for it. Stay with your schedule for regular dental checkups.

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